Born in the 90s and too young to participate in the first raves, S7RENS have the ambition to update a music they fantasized about by combining original and modern production techniques: Analog synths, plug-ins, OP-Z and Ableton intertwine.

Euro Visions, their first single, was created during the club closing period through cathartic studio sessions. It is an explosive mix of italo-disco, euro-dance and sounds inspired by the Belgian New Beat. It has been played in all Parisians open airs last summer and was mixed by renowned DJs. The tune gets a breath of fresh air with an irresistible rave remix by Berlin producer Marlon Hoffstadt aka DJ Daddy Trance – previewed on HÖR Berlin and out on February 9th 2022.

Through their following 4-tracks EP Euro Visions out on March 18th 2022, S7RENS shares their vision of a proud, festive and multicultural European youth. Produced for « peak time moments » it is full of unforgettable melodies, intense grooves and emotional synths.